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  • Christmas time at teleron!
    December 01 2017

    For this Festive season teleron is launching an amazing deal! Speeds up to 50/20 on its nbn network Unmetered netflix teleron mobile (using Optus 4G network) with unlimited national and mobiles calls and text nbn fixed line voice ALL THIS FOR ONLY $99 A MONTH We will also continue our Netflix and iTunes promos as[…]

  • Support Hours in December
    November 30 2017

    We are always keen to assist you where we can   Our Support hours (in AEDT) are Mon to Thu 8am to 10pm Fri 8am to 8pm Satuday 9am to 5pm We will be closed during Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day (and open 10am to 6pm 27th to 29th Dec) Outside of these[…]

  • Unlimited Netflix Streaming & iTunes Downloads
    September 29 2017

    Celebrate Christmas and the End of the Year with another great Teleron deal!!! Stream from Netflix or download from iTunes without worrying about your viewing/listening habits costing you a fortune on excess data charges!!! We have introduced two great new plans that provide unlimited Netflix streaming & iTunes downloads that don’t count towards your data[…]

  • New Backhaul…. New Beginning
    April 13 2017

    We are moving some customers to improve their speed experience to a faster and better speed!!! Some FTTN people have moved today to a new backhaul, which means they will have some down time If you are FTTN, please follow the instructions below (ask our chat for your username and password for PPoE PLEASE CLICK[…]

  • nbn™ is coming to you. What does it mean?
    October 27 2016

    Many people become extremely excited when they know that the nbn™, a magical network that has been spoken about over the last few years, is coming to their neighbourhoods. Some however, are more apprehensive and are scared to embrace this evolution. The following questions are ones that are continuously being asked by people visiting our[…]

  • Match Day Sponsor in North Ballarat
    September 26 2016

    We are proud to announce our gold partnership with the North Ballarat Roosters, North Ballarat Sports Club, North Ballarat Cricket Club, North Ballarat Netball Club and the North Ballarat Junior Sports Clubs. As the sponsorship officially begins in 2017, teleron was privileged to be the match day sponsor for the last game of the 2016[…]

  • Summer is coming, time to hit the beach
    September 26 2016

    Whilst Brisbane may be better known for the Broncos, the Roar and the Reds, Teleron has learned of a wonderful community by Sutton’s Beach in Redcliffe, which is centred around the Redcliffe Surf Life Saving Club. In this regard, we are so excited to sponsor the local surf life-saving club and in particular support the[…]

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Enjoy fast & reliable internet

When you join our NBNtm family, you’ll get fast and reliable speeds, allowing you to stream sports, movies, music or upload your masterpieces like a breeze! Step up to the Teleron™ plate and take a swing at what we have to offer, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.



    GB /month

    Unmetered Netflix & iTunes or Christmas Gold Bundle

    • $42.5Brnz100G (Up to 12 mb/s)
    • $54.5Silv 150G (Up to 25 mb/s)
    • $99Xmas300G (Up to 50 mb/s)
    Call Plans
    • $10Unlimited Free Local & National Calls (+ PAYG)
  • Regular

    200GB /month

    Ideal for regular use including gaming and video streaming

    • $45Bronze (Up to 12 mb/s)
    • $54Silver (Up to 25 mb/s)
    • $64.5Gold (Up to 50 mb/s)
    • $74.5Platinum (Up to 100 mb/s)
    Call Plans
    • $10Unlimited Free Local & National Calls (+ PAYG)
  • Heavy

    500GB /month

    Great for families & heavy users who regularly stream movies or download a lot of data

    • $49.5Bronze (Up to 12 mb/s)
    • $59.5Silver (Up to 25 mb/s)
    • $69.5Gold (Up to 50 mb/s)
    • $79.5Platinum (Up to 100 mb/s)
    Call Plans
    • $10Unlimited Free Local & National Calls (+ PAYG)
  • Ultimate


    Perfect for really heavy users who are constantly downloading data. For personal use only.

    • $60Bronze (Up to 12 mb/s)
    • $70Silver (Up to 25 mb/s)
    • $80Gold (Up to 50 mb/s)
    • $90Platinum (Up to 100 mb/s)
    Call Plans
    • $10Unlimited Free Local & National Calls (+ PAYG)
  • Additional Information
    • Xmas deal includes 5G of data and unlimited talk and text (to local, national and Aus mobiles) using the Optus 4G network as well as, nbn voice and unmetered netflix on the nbn
    • increase the Xmas mobile data to 10G will incur a $12 fee
    • Activation and set-up costs are $0 for 12 and 24 months plans otherwise $150 for 1 month plan
    • Activation cost for PROMO plans are $0 for 24 months plan and $50 for 1 month plan
    • Activation cost for Xmas Bundle is $0 for 12 months plan and $70 for 1 month plan
    • BYO Modems are free with no delivery charges
    • Standard Installations are free
    • For modem pricing see "critical info" section
    • Setup cost for call plans is $5 & number portability will include additional charges
    • Ultimate Plan and desired speeds are subject to availability
    • If you are in a new development area, a $300 nbn™ charge may apply
    • If you require non standard installation or a new copperline, nbn™ additional charge may apply
    • All prices assume Fair Use policy as provided by the terms and conditions
    • For more information, please see “Critical Info" section

About Teleron

Teleron was born after its founder – having spent years in the telecommunication industry – he saw the need to create a 100% Australian owned start-up to help local communities smoothly transition onto the NBNtm

Our team is focused on delivering the NBNtm to Australian communities, allowing you to effortlessly stream movies, music, access emails and seamlessly navigate the Internet faster and safer than ever before.

Being a start-up, we care about delivering an innovative broadband solution that matches your connection speed and usage needs. We take pride in putting customers first and making sure we deliver the service you deserve.

The way we are able to achieve this is best explained by thinking of the internet as a collection of interconnecting roads. The busier the road, the more congested and slow it’s going to be. To avoid the congestion, we deliver customers a 6-lane highway with ample room to get you to your destination faster.

Now that you know us a little better, let us provide you with your very own gateway to the NBNtm.

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Is Change Easy? …. Switch today!

November 03 2016

Did you know that changing your internet provider is easier than you think! At teleron™ we understand that change can be daunting which is why we have a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team to smooth your transition to the nbnTM. To make the switch simply follow these 3 steps: Go to the teleron™[…]

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Not all nbn™ plans are equal.. CVC makes a difference.

October 23 2016

The build of nbn™ is in full swing with many people really seeing a difference. As a result, like teleron™ many new providers are entering this market. However, there is an  idea that all providers have nbn™ and therefore, are the same, right?….. WRONG! The pricing of nbn™ depends on the Connectivity Virtual Circuit or[…]

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We have Launched!!!!

September 26 2016

At Teleron, we have aligned ourselves with a number of community organisations around Australia, including Redcliffe Surf Life Saving Club and North Ballarat Sports Club and we are determined to work tirelessly to help your local community achieve its goals. Whether it is streaming your local sports team’s weekly matches on the internet or just[…]

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