nbn™ is coming to you. What does it mean?


Many people become extremely excited when they know that the nbn™, a magical network that has been spoken about over the last few years, is coming to their neighbourhoods. Some however, are more apprehensive and are scared to embrace this evolution. The following questions are ones that are continuously being asked by people visiting our site at teleron™

What happens to my pay TV service?
Nothing, whilst the Foxtel and Optus cables will change hands from Telstra to nbn™, you will still be able to be connected to your pay TV provider as you are today. No issues.

I have a bundle with another company, that includes home phone and internet as well as pay TV and mobile will that be in jeopardy?
Generally speaking, most companies sell a bundle of home phone and internet together. At teleron, we give you a choice to combine calls as well as internet (this is optional). However, most companies add on the extra pay TV as a separate package. You will be able to continue with those separate packages (as you will want a cheaper internet and phone bundle). The key point is to calculate the difference, and if you get $5 to $15 a month cheaper, it is probably worth to change.

I have an email account that is linked to a certain company, can I keep it?
This is quite interesting, and the answer is…. It depends. Most ISPs allow you to keep their email either if you have a product with them (such as mobile), for free, or for a small fee ($1-$2 a month), some do not. One should contact your current provider and ask the question.

At teleron™, do you rent out your modem or is it ours?
At teleron™ we do not believe in renting out modems, once we send it to you, it is owned by you with a warranty. What we make sure is that it is compliant with nbn™

So why teleron™, is it really worth the switch?
Yes!!! In an earlier article (not all nbn™ plans are equal… CVC makes a difference) we have stated that we pride ourselves on higher CVC and low costs, which means less contention, so traffic can flow easily. In simple terms, we allow fast internet to remain fast all the time.