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Top FAQ’s

  • I can’t find the solution and really need to contact the service centre by phone

    The best way to contact us is via email info@teleron.com.au , chat or request a call back below , however, if you can’t and need to speak to us urgently our number is 02 8322 1845

  • When will I need to pay for my service?

    You will need to pay for your service as soon as you join. Each month, there will be a direct debit taken from your bank account or credit card, paid in advance. You will also be required to pay in advance for any off-plan call services (such as international calls not in any bundle). Our invoices are sent out between the 1st-3rd of every month or you may view your invoices through the Customer Portal made available on our website. Click “LOGIN” and use the supplied username and password in the Welcome Email we sent to you. There you can change payment details, make payments, view invoices & date usage!

  • What happens if my payment does not go through?

    If your payment does not go through, we will notify you by SMS and email, and ask that you make a secure payment through the login page. If we do not receive your payment by the 15th day of the month, your service will be suspended; if we still have not received your payment by the 30th day of the month, your service will be cancelled.

  • What should I do if my billing details have changed after the service has been activated?

    If only your payment method has changed, you are required to contact our support staff via email. They will adjust your payment details on our payment portal.

  • What happens if I don’t agree with my bill?

    Prior to contacting us, please check our critical information policy and in particular the first month, as there will be additional costs such as:
    ⦁ Activation Costs;
    ⦁ Modem Costs;
    ⦁ Shipping Costs; and
    ⦁ VOICE costs.
    In addition, non-standard installations as well as new developments will be charged higher rates as provided by nbn™. If you are still not satisfied with this, please send an email to our support staff and we will contact you by email or live chat to discuss further.

  • What happens if I can’t pay?

    If you can’t pay any more, please email us as soon as possible with your reasons. If it is due to financial hardship, we will try and assist you where possible.

  • What do I need to pay when I sign up?

    You need to pay your monthly service fee in advance, any set-up costs, activation costs, modem costs as well as the monthly charges for your Voice services.

  • How do I set-up my phone to work under the voice plan?

    Please continue using your old phone line until you are advised by teleronTM, as it may take 5 days after activation to have your voice services connected.

    Once it is done:

    If you have a connection via a Wireless, HFC or FTTP technology, you must use the router supplied to you and connect a VOIP Phone or ATA connector (allowing you to use your old phone line) to the Ethernet Port.


    You must then use the details we have provided you to change he SIP code in the device that you have created. Teleron will provide you the following to configure onto your device

    Control Panel:
    URL: control.optus.truvoice.net.au
    Control Username: 02xxxxxxx@voice.net.au
    Control Password: password2

    SIP Service:
    SIP DID 02xxxxxxxxxxxx
    SIP Proxy: voice.net.au
    SIP Authorization Username: 02xxxxxxxxx
    SIP Authorization Password: password1

    If you have a connection via FTTN, FTTB or FTTdp, connect your current phone to the Tel-1 port as shown below:


    Go to the browser and click on VOICE:


    The Voice Status page displays the registration status of your SIP accounts and the total call time of each account.

    Click on SIP Basic Setting
    The SIP Settings page is where you enter your VOIP service settings as supplied by teleronTM. If you are unsure about a specific setting or have not been supplied information for a particular field, please contact us via the website on www.teleron.com.au.
    TeleronTM will provide you with your SIP domain name, your SIP Local port and your SIP account details including CID number and password. Fill these out and click on APPLY.

    ⦁ Make sure “Use SIP Proxy” is ticked and “Use SIP Register” is ticked

    ⦁ Under SIP Proxy, enter the domain name as provided to you (likely to be voice.net.au)
    ⦁ Enter the authentication name, Cid name and Cid Number as the SIP Authorisation Username provided to you by teleron
    ⦁ Enter the Password as the SIP Password provided to you by teleron
    ⦁ Uncheck “Account enabled” under account 2


    You will need to check the advanced setting tab to complete your task
    ⦁ Click on Voice => SIP Advanced Setting
    ⦁ Uncheck “Anonymous Calling” And “Anonymous Calling Mode”
    ⦁ Uncheck “Call waiting under account 2


    Then select MANAGEMENT>SAVE/REBOOT select the REBOOT button. Your modem should restart and your voice calls should be ready to go.



  • Do I need my nbn™ Internet service to be activated in order to use my telephone?

    Yes, as you are relying on the nbn™ network, you are required to wait for your connection to be activated.

  • Can I retain my old telephone number?

    When signing up, we will do our utmost to keep your telephone number, however, we are unable to guarantee this. We will confirm your telephone number once activated

  • What happens if I cancel my nbn™ Internet service early?

    We will charge (by direct debit) you a cancellation fee, as detailed in our critical information policy provided to you when you joined teleron™ .

  • What happens if my new home is not nbn™ ready?

    Unfortunately, we only provide nbn™ Internet services, so if your new home is not nbn™ ready, you will need to cancel you order.

  • What happens if I need to move home?

    If you need to move home email to customercare@teleron.com.au and we will assist you

  • What happens if I want to cancel my order?

    If you want to cancel your order, log in to your account, choose “Move, Add or Change” and select “Change” then select “Cancel”, a small fee will be taken from your account as detailed in our critical information policy provided to you when you joined teleronTM.

  • What happens if I want to change my plan?

    If you want to change your plan, log in to your account, choose “Move, Add or Change” and select “Change”, you can then select “Change Your Plan”.

  • What happens if I want to reduce my connection speed?

    If you want to reduce your connection speed, log in to your account, choose the service you want to change and select “Change Plan”. You can then select to reduce your connection speed for a small fee as detailed in our critical information policy provided to you when you joined teleronTM.

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