Not all nbn™ plans are equal.. CVC makes a difference.


The build of nbn™ is in full swing with many people really seeing a difference. As a result, like teleron™ many new providers are entering this market. However, there is an  idea that all providers have nbn™ and therefore, are the same, right?….. WRONG!

The pricing of nbn™ depends on the Connectivity Virtual Circuit or CVC, the higher the bandwidth a provider is willing to pay for, the less congested the data. You may be asking, what does this mean? At Teleron™ we like to give the analogy of a road. Think of us as providers that are able to buy a road from nbn™, the wider the road, the more expensive it is. The road has a speed limit of 100km/hour (or as nbn™ speak 100Mps) , however, if the road is too narrow or has too little lanes, during peak times, a car would not be able to travel that fast (just like a user would not be able to travel for the speed that he had paid for, due to congestion or traffic).

In order to provide great deals, many ISPs therefore, sell cheaper products for higher margins with narrow roads. At Teleron™ our customer service is paramount and therefore, we are willing to reduce our margins to keep our customers happy. We purchase a 6-lane highway, so you can travel at your desired speed and reach your destination faster (with super low prices). Congestion is an issue for many internet users, and we at Teleron™, will do anything and everything to ensure our users are happy without congestion.

Come and join us and see for yourself!